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Immunizations: International Statistics on Vaccines and the Autism Scare, in the following sections:

Countries With the Healthiest Cultures and Health Policies, in the following sections:

Gambia (Republic of The Gambia): 5. Gambia's Health

Iceland (Republic of Iceland): 5. Iceland's Health

Hungary (Republic of Hungary): 5. Hungary's Health

Honduras (Republic of Honduras): 5. Honduras's Health

Haiti (Republic of Haiti): 6. Haiti's Health

Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana): 5. Guyana's Health

Guinea-Bissau (Republic of Guinea-Bissau): 5. Guinea-Bissau's Health

Guinea (Republic of Guinea): 5. Guinea's Health

Guatemala (Republic of Guatemala): 5. Guatemala's Health

Grenada: 5. Grenada's Health

Greece (Hellenic Republic): 5. Greece's Health

Ghana (Republic of Ghana): 5. Ghana's Health

Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia): 5. Macedonia's Health

Georgia (Republic of Georgia): 5. Georgia's Health

Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran): 5. Iran's Health

Gabon (Gabonese Republic): 5. Gabon's Health

France (French Republic): 5. France's Health

Fiji (Republic of the Fiji Islands): 5. Fiji's Health

Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia): 5. Ethiopia's Health

Estonia (Republic of Estonia): 5. Estonia's Health

Eritrea (State of Eritrea): 5. Eritrea's Health

Equatorial Guinea (Republic of Equatorial Guinea): 5. Equatorial Guinea's Health

El Salvador (Republic of El Salvador): 5. El Salvador's Health

Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt): 5. Egypt's Health

Germany (Federal Republic of Germany): 5. Germany's Health

Kiribati (Republic of Kiribati): 5. Kiribati's Health

Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg): 5. Luxembourg's Health

Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania): 5. Lithuania's Health

Libya (Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya): 5. Libya's Health

Liberia (Republic of Liberia): 5. Liberia's Health

Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho): 5. Lesotho's Health

Lebanon (Lebanese Republic): 5. Lebanon's Health

Latvia (Republic of Latvia): 5. Latvia's Health

Laos (Lao People's Democratic Republic): 5. Laos's Health

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic): 5. Kyrgyzstan's Health

Kuwait (State of Kuwait): 5. Kuwait's Health

India (Republic of India): 5. India's Health

Korea, North (Democratic People's Republic of Korea): 5. North Korea's Health

Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia): 5. Indonesia's Health

Kenya (Republic of Kenya): 5. Kenya's Health

Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan): 5. Kazakhstan's Health

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan): 5. Jordan's Health

Japan: 5. Japan's Health

Jamaica: 5. Jamaica's Health

Italy (Italian Republic): 5. Italy's Health

Israel (State of Israel): 5. Israel's Health

Ireland: 5. Ireland's Health

Iraq (Republic of Iraq): 5. Iraq's Health

Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica): 5. Dominica's Health

Korea, South (Republic of Korea): 5. South Korea's Health

Austria (Republic of Austria): 5. Austria's Health

Ecuador (Republic of Ecuador): 5. Ecuador's Health

Bolivia (Republic of Bolivia): 5. Bolivia's Health

Bhutan (Kingdom of Bhutan): 5. Bhutan's Health

Benin (Republic of Benin): 5. Benin's Health

Belize: 5. Belize's Health

Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium): 5. Belgium's Health

Belarus (Republic of Belarus): 5. Belarus's Health

Barbados: 5. Barbados's Health

Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh): 5. Bangladesh's Health

Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain): 5. Bahrain's Health

Botswana (Republic of Botswana): 5. Botswana's Health

Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan): 5. Azerbaijan's Health

Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil): 5. Brazil's Health

Australia (Commonwealth of Australia): 5. Australia's Health

Armenia (Republic of Armenia): 5. Armenia's Health

Argentina (Argentine Republic): 5. Argentina's Health

Antigua & Barbuda: 5. Antigua & Barbuda's Health

Angola (Republic of Angola): 5. Angola's Health

Andorra (Principality of Andorra): 5. Andorra's Health

Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of Algeria): 5. Algeria's Health

Albania (Republic of Albania): 5. Albania's Health

Afghanistan (Islamic State of Afghanistan): 5. Afghanistan's Health

General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change: 3.8. Vaccines and Inoculations

The United States of America: 5. USA's Health

Bahamas (Commonwealth of The Bahamas): 5. Bahamas's Health

China (People's Republic of China): 5. China's Health

Malaysia: 5. Malaysia's Health

Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti): 5. Djibouti's Health

Czech Republic: 5. Czechia's Health

Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus): 5. Cyprus's Health

Cuba (Republic of Cuba): 5. Cuba's Health

Croatia (Republic of Croatia): 5. Croatia's Health

Republic of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast): 5. Ivory Coast's Health

Costa Rica (Republic of Costa Rica): 5. Costa Rica's Health

Congo, (Brazzaville) (Republic of the Congo): 5. Congo, (Brazzaville)'s Health

Congo, DR (Democratic Republic of the Congo): 5. Congo, DR's Health

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 5. Bosnia & Herzegovina's Health

Colombia (Republic of Colombia): 5. Colombia's Health

Dominican Republic: 5. Dominican Republic's Health

Chile (Republic of Chile): 5. Chile's Health

Chad (Republic of Chad): 5. Chad's Health

Central African Republic: 5. Central African Republic's Health

Cape Verde (Republic of Cape Verde): 5. Cape Verde's Health

Canada: 5. Canada's Health

Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon): 5. Cameroon's Health

Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia): 5. Cambodia's Health

Burundi (Republic of Burundi): 5. Burundi's Health

Burkina Faso: 5. Burkina Faso's Health

Bulgaria (Republic of Bulgaria): 5. Bulgaria's Health

Brunei (Negara Brunei Darussalam): 5. Brunei's Health

Comoros (Union of Comoros): 5. Comoros's Health

Tajikistan (Republic of Tajikistan): 5. Tajikistan's Health

Ukraine: 5. Ukraine's Health

Uganda (Republic of Uganda): 5. Uganda's Health

Tuvalu: 5. Tuvalu's Health

Turkmenistan: 5. Turkmenistan's Health

Turkey (Republic of Turkey): 5. Turkey's Health

Tunisia (Tunisian Republic): 5. Tunisia's Health

Trinidad & Tobago (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago): 5. Trinidad & Tobago's Health

Tonga (Kingdom of Tonga): 5. Tonga's Health

Togo (Togolese Republic): 5. Togo's Health

Timor-Leste (East Timor) (Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste): 5. Timor-Leste (East Timor)'s Health

Madagascar (Republic of Madagascar): 5. Madagascar's Health

Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania): 5. Tanzania's Health

Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan): 5. Uzbekistan's Health

Syria (Syrian Arab Republic): 5. Syria's Health

Switzerland (Swiss Confederation): 5. Switzerland's Health

Swaziland (Kingdom of Swaziland): 5. Swaziland's Health

Suriname (Republic of Suriname): 5. Suriname's Health

Sudan (Republic of the Sudan): 5. Sudan's Health

Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka): 6. Sri Lanka's Health

Spain (Kingdom of Spain): 5. Spain's Health

South Africa (Republic of South Africa): 5. South Africa's Health

Somalia: 5. Somalia's Health

Solomon Islands: 5. Solomon Islands's Health

Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand): 5. Thailand's Health

Finland: 5. Finland's Health

Does Homeopathy Work? What are the Risks and Dangers?: 3. Anti-Science, Anti-vaccination, Anti-Medicine: The Side-Effects of Homeopathy

Which are the Best Countries in the Middle East?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Caribbean Countries?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Mediterranean Countries?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Small Island Nations?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Countries in The Americas?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Countries in Europe?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Countries in Africa?: 8. Health

Which are the Best Countries in Asia?: 8. Health

The United Kingdom Suffers as a Result of Poor National Health: 3.2. Infant Immunizations 2011-2015

United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates): 5. United Arab Emirates's Health

Norway: 5. Norway's Health

Uruguay (Oriental Republic of Uruguay): 5. Uruguay's Health

Sweden: 5. Sweden's Health

South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan): 5. South Sudan's Health

Niue: 2. Niue's Health

Cook Islands: 3. Cook Islands's Health

Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe): 5. Zimbabwe's Health

Zambia (Republic of Zambia): 5. Zambia's Health

Yemen (Republic of Yemen): 5. Yemen's Health

Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam): 5. Vietnam's Health

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela): 5. Venezuela's Health

Vanuatu (Republic of Vanuatu): 5. Vanuatu's Health

Singapore (Republic of Singapore): 5. Singapore's Health

Denmark: 5. Denmark's Health

Mongolia: 5. Mongolia's Health

Slovenia (Republic of Slovenia): 5. Slovenia's Health

Niger (Republic of Niger): 5. Niger's Health

Nicaragua (Republic of Nicaragua): 5. Nicaragua's Health

New Zealand: 5. New Zealand's Health

Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands): 5. Netherlands's Health

Nepal: 5. Nepal's Health

Nauru (Republic of Nauru): 5. Nauru's Health

Namibia (Republic of Namibia): 5. Namibia's Health

Myanmar (was Burma) (Union of Myanmar): 5. Myanmar (Burma)'s Health

Mozambique (Republic of Mozambique): 5. Mozambique's Health

Oman (Sultanate of Oman): 5. Oman's Health

Montenegro (Republic of Montenegro): 5. Montenegro's Health

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan): 5. Pakistan's Health

Monaco (Principality of Monaco): 5. Monaco's Health

Moldova (Republic of Moldova): 5. Moldova's Health

Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia): 5. Micronesia's Health

Mexico (United Mexican States): 5. Mexico's Health

Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius): 5. Mauritius's Health

Mauritania (Islamic Republic of Mauritania): 5. Mauritania's Health

Marshall Islands (Republic of the Marshall Islands): 5. Marshall Islands's Health

Malta (Republic of Malta): 5. Malta's Health

Mali (Republic of Mali): 5. Mali's Health

The Maldives (Republic of Maldives): 5. Maldives's Health

Malawi (Republic of Malawi): 5. Malawi's Health

Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco): 5. Morocco's Health

Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda): 5. Rwanda's Health

Scandinavia, the Crown of Civilisation:Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland: 8. Health

Sierra Leone (Republic of Sierra Leone): 5. Sierra Leone's Health

Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles): 5. Seychelles's Health

Serbia (Republic of Serbia): 5. Serbia's Health

Senegal (Republic of Senegal): 5. Senegal's Health

Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): 5. Saudi Arabia's Health

Sao Tome & Principe (Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe): 5. Sao Tome & Principe's Health

San Marino (Republic of San Marino): 5. San Marino's Health

Samoa (Independent State of Samoa): 5. Samoa's Health

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines: 5. St Vincent & the Grenadines's Health

Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria): 5. Nigeria's Health

Saint Kitts & Nevis (Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis): 5. St Kitts & Nevis's Health

Slovakia (Slovak Republic): 5. Slovakia's Health

Russia (Russian Federation): 5. Russia's Health

Romania: 5. Romania's Health

Qatar (State of Qatar): 5. Qatar's Health

Portugal (Portuguese Republic): 5. Portugal's Health

Poland (Republic of Poland): 5. Poland's Health

Philippines (Republic of the Philippines): 5. Philippines's Health

Peru (Republic of Peru): 5. Peru's Health

Paraguay (Republic of Paraguay): 5. Paraguay's Health

Papua New Guinea (Independent State of Papua New Guinea): 5. Papua New Guinea's Health

Panama (Republic of Panama): 5. Panama's Health

Palau (Republic of Palau): 5. Palau's Health

Saint Lucia: 5. St Lucia's Health