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Which are the Best Countries in Europe?

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The European Union: Democratic Values, The Euro, Crises and Migration, in the following sections:

The Unpopularity of the EU, in the following sections:

Russia Against Europe, in the following sections:

The EU is Always in Deep Crisis: Decades of Warnings, in the following sections:

The European Union and the Promotion of Democracy, in the following sections:

Turkey (Republic of Turkey)

Russia (Russian Federation)

Don't Panic: The World is Not About to End and Western Culture is Safe: 2.3. The EU is in Its Most Serious Crisis Yet (Again)

Apostasy: Thought Crime in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: 1. Human Rights - Freedom of Belief

General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change: 3.6.2. Combined European Defence

Religion Versus Womankind: 2. Religious Organisations Lobbying Against Women's Human Rights in the EU (2013-2015)

Religion in Europe

Islam and the West: Pluralism, Immigration and Danger

Advantages of European Union (EU) Membership: Consumer Power

Secularisation Theory: Will Modern Society Reject Religion? What is Secularism?: 2.1. Religion in Europe

The Responsibility to Defend the Developed World

The Benefits to the UK of Immigration: 1. Summary

Why Dislike the UK?: 3. The Moody Attitude Towards Europe

The Importance of Current Events is Amplified by our Egos: 3. The Demise of the European Union

What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life: 3.5. Religion Importance

The Power of Solidarity: Why the UK Should Stay in the EU

The Historical Slave Trade and Modern Slavery: 5. Modern Slavery: Forced Labour, Debt Bondage, Forced Marriages and Sexual Abuse

Crime Fighting Within the EU: Why Should the UK Stay in Europe?

Human Rights: 3.2. Freethought - Freedom of Belief and Freedom of Religion

The Economic Benefits to the UK of Remaining in the EU

Democratic Disillusionment and Voter Apathy: 1. The Unpopularity of the EU

Islam and Antisemitism: High Rates of Muslim Racism Against Jews: 1. Europe

Christian Extremism, Intolerance and Resurgent Fundamentalism: 3. The Christian Dark Ages of Medieval Europe

The Awkward Europeans: The UK's Relationship With the EU

Which Country in Europe Has the Most Immigrants Or Emigrants?

UK Brexit from the EU: Disorganized, Unclear and Unprepared: 1. The Awkward Europeans Narrowly Decide to Leave the EU by 37% to 35%

UK Health Tourism: Foreigners are Not Abusing the NHS: 3. British Benefits

Freethought - Freedom of Belief and Freedom of Religion

Benefits of the UK Remaining in the EU
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