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China (People's Republic of China)

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Astrology: Do Observed Positions of the Planets Influence Our Lives in Mystical Ways?, in the following sections:

Taoism / Daoism, in the following sections:

Critical Thinking on Acupuncture: How Does it Work?, in the following sections:

Human Rights and Freedom in China, in the following sections:

Buddhist Extremism, in the following sections:

Pseudoscience and Health: The World of Alternatives (to Truth), in the following sections:

HarperCollins Book Publishers: Occasional Strategic Falsehoods, in the following sections:

The End of the World is Nigh! The Dangers of Apocalyptism and End-Times Beliefs, in the following sections:

Atheism and Secularism, in the following sections:

Genetic Engineering: What We've Already Done, and We Could Do, in the following sections:

  • 2.3. Safety
  • 2.2. Prevalence

Rupert Murdoch and News Corp's Involvements in Politics, in the following sections:

The Historical Slave Trade and Modern Slavery, in the following sections:

Zen Buddhism, in the following sections:

  • 1. Intro Notes to Use
  • Top of page

Life Expectancy and Longevity, in the following sections:

Multinational Corporations Versus Democracy: The Fight Between Commercialism and Nation States, in the following sections:

Contradictions in the Qur'an: 1. Is the Qur'an Just for Arabs?

Uniforce: An International Military Force: 3.4. 1984: Emerging Continental Military Blocs Risk the Potential of New Mass Wars

God's Methods of Communication: Universal Truth Versus Hebrew and Arabic: 9. Islam: God Sends Messengers Who Speak the Local Language (Contradictions)

Noah, the Ark and the Flood, from the Bible Book of Genesis: 5.2. There is Lots of Evidence Against a Global Flood

Time to Move On: Religion Has Cost Too Much: 4.3. Religion and Abolition of the Historical Slave Trade


Shamanism: 1. An Ancient Practice

Theological Problems with Heaven, Paradise and Nirvana: 4. Musical Instruments in the Book of Revelation

World Government: Not for 200 Years: 7. Construction of World Government and Existing Supranational Bodies

The Side Effects of Smoking. Which Countries Smoke Most?: 4.2. Evading the Law

Why Did Some People in the Bible Live So Long?: 4. Sociological Data on Life Expectancy Versus Religion

The Assumptions about God and Creation, of Both Theists and Atheists: 2.10. God Cares What We Believe

Why People Hate America: A Summary of Anti-Americanism: 1. Why Do People Hate America?
Controversial: A summary of the reasons for hatred of America

The USA Versus the Environment: Oil, Pollution and Kyoto: 1. The USA is the World's Biggest Polluter

The Responsibility to Defend the Developed World: 3. The Responsibility to Protect Others

Anti-Religious Forces: Specific Factors Fuelling Secularisation: 2.4. Science

Religion and Abolition of the Historical Slave Trade

Cultural Religion Versus Scholarly Religion: 4.1. Magic as a Grassroots Phenomenon

What are 'Left Hand Path' Religions?: 2. The Shunning of the Left Hand in World Cultures

Homocentricity or Anthropocentrism: Why Do Religions Think Humanity Is Central to God and Creation?: 4. The Instruments of Heaven in the Christian Bible

Approaching Death: Some Instincts of the Human Animal: 2.3. Ground Burial: Re-Using Graves and Overcrowded Cemeteries

Christian Moral Theory and Morality in Action: Biblical Morals and Social Disaster: 8.1. Abolition of Slavery

Universalism: If there is a Good God, Everyone Must Go to Heaven: 5.1. Most People Never Hear of the True Religion

Philippines (Republic of the Philippines): 1. Overview

Satan and The Devil in World Religions: 2.7. Various Religions and Belief Systems

Homosexuality in Animals and Humans: 9. Anthropology of Homosexuality in non-Western Cultures

Marriage: Its Diversity and Character: 3.3. Rituals of Engagement & Marriage and the Commercial Influence

What Causes Religion and Superstitions?: 2.1. Performing Social Functions (Intro)

Human Rights and Freedom in Myanmar (Burma)

Liechtenstein (Principality of Liechtenstein): 4. Human Rights, Equality & Tolerance

A History of Warnings About Overpopulation: 2. Warnings from Academics

The Demographics Crisis (The Increase in Life Expectancy is Raising the Old Age Dependency Ratio): 1. Aging

Immunizations: International Statistics on Vaccines and the Autism Scare

Which Country in Asia Has the Most Immigrants Or Emigrants?

Hir and Hirself: Gender-Neutral Pronouns in English

LGBT Rights Across the World: Which are the Best and Worst Countries?: 1. Current Trends

The Effects of Overpopulation: 4. Old Text

Human Rights: 1.2. From 1948 and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights and Freedom in France

Human Rights and Freedom in Liechtenstein

Human Rights and Freedom in Syria

Human Rights and Freedom in USA: 6. President Trump's Dismantling of Human Rights Mechanisms and Opposition to Equality and Tolerance

Freedom of Expression: 3. Opposition to Free Expression

Countries With the Healthiest Cultures and Health Policies

What's the Difference Between The Left and The Right?: 2. Areas of Discernible Difference

The History of Atheism: 1. Where Did Atheism First Arise?

A List of All Religions and Belief Systems

Japan: 1. Overview

What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life: 0.11. Forest Area Change 1990-2015

Myanmar (Burma) (Union of Myanmar): 4. Human Rights, Equality & Tolerance

Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka): 1. Overview

Suriname (Republic of Suriname): 1. Overview

Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)

Mass Media: Sensationalism, Panics and Exaggeration: 5. The Millennium Bug

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region): 1. Overview

Which Countries Set the Best Examples? (Archived page from 2005-2007)

Causes of Belief in the Afterlife and Differences Across Religions and Cultures: 2. The Afterlife in Religion

Which are the Best Countries in Asia?: 2. Emigration and Immigration

Biblical Dress Codes: God's Laws on Clothes: 1. Laws and Rules on Clothes in the Bible

Where do Easter Eggs Come From? What do Easter Eggs Mean?

The Easter Bunny: Its History and Meaning

Benefits of the UK Remaining in the EU: 2. Restored Power in an Internationalized World (3 reasons)

Science and Religion: 3. Science Acting Against Religion

Taiwan (Republic of China): 1. Overview

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