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Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium)

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Accepting Assisted Suicide: A Focus on UK Law, in the following sections:

The European Union: Democratic Values, The Euro, Crises and Migration, in the following sections:

The Banning of Face Coverings such as the Niqab and Burqa in Europe, in the following sections:

Religion in Europe, in the following sections:

The Cathars / Albigenses (12th-15th Century Christianity), in the following sections:

UK Brexit from the EU: Disorganized, Unclear and Unprepared, in the following sections:

Religious Clothing and Symbols in Secular Democracies, in the following sections:

From the Big Bang Theory to Multiverses: How and Why Does the Universe Exist?: 2.1. The Big Bang Theory, Singularities, and the Observer Effect

Approaching Death: Some Instincts of the Human Animal: 5. Assisted Suicide

Evolution and the Unintelligent Design of Life: Inherited Traits, Genetic Dysfunction and Artificial Life: 6.2. Creationism and Intelligent Design

Marriage: Its Diversity and Character: 7. Gay Marriage

What is Science and the Scientific Method?: 3.1. Publishing Charges

Islam and the West: Pluralism, Immigration and Danger: 7. Free Speech Versus Muslim Outrage: Theo van Gogh, Danish cartoons and Salman Rushdie (2006)

Types of Christianity in History: Who Were the First Christians?: 6.1. The Cathars / Albigenses (12th-15th Century)

Blasphemy and Censorship: In Christianity and Islam: 4.2. Defamation of Religion: Islam Verses Free Speech in the United Nations

United Kingdom: National Successes and Social Failures: 13. Brexit

Scandinavia, the Crown of Civilisation:Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland: 18. High Taxes (As of 2006)

Charity Across the World: 4. Aid to Developing Countries (2005-2006)

Animal Sacrifice and Blood Rituals in Traditional World Religions and Satanism: 2.1. European Law

What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life: 3. Previous Edition (2005-2007) Winners: Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany

Congo, DR (Democratic Republic of the Congo): 1. Overview

Iceland (Republic of Iceland)

Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg): 1. Overview

New Zealand

The United Kingdom Suffers as a Result of Poor National Health: 2.5. Suicide Rate

Creationism and Intelligent Design: Christian Fundamentalism: 1. Introduction

Crime Fighting Within the EU: Why Should the UK Stay in Europe?: 1. Crime Fighting (Eurojust and Europol)

Christian Extremism, Intolerance and Resurgent Fundamentalism: 10. What is Creationism and Intelligent Design?

The Awkward Europeans: The UK's Relationship With the EU: 5. UK Brexit from the EU: Disorganized, Unclear and Unprepared

The UK's Brexit Vote of 2016: What is the Will of the People?: 3. UK Brexit from the EU: Disorganized, Unclear and Unprepared

Human Rights and Freedom in Belgium

Human Rights and Freedom in Saudi Arabia

Countries With the Healthiest Cultures and Health Policies: 0.5. Suicide Rate

Which Countries Set the Best Examples? (Archived page from 2005-2007)