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What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life, in the following sections:

Modern Obesity is Caused by Culture, Not Genes, in the following sections:

  • 5.3. Good Diets
  • 4.1. Related to Lifestyle and Culture, not to Genetics and Hereditary

Which Countries Do the Most Research and Development?

Taiwan (Republic of China): 1. Overview

Philippines (Republic of the Philippines): 1. Overview

Kiribati (Republic of Kiribati): 1. Overview

Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia): 1. Overview

Which Countries Set the Best Examples? (Archived page from 2005-2007)

National Apologies for Ancestral Sins and Historical Evils: 5. World War Two

Marriage: Its Diversity and Character: 2.3. Rituals of Engagement & Marriage and the Commercial Influence

Homosexuality in Animals and Humans: 9. Anthropology of Homosexuality in non-Western Cultures

Critical Thinking on Acupuncture: How Does it Work?: 4. Traditional Explanations of Acupuncture are Mumbo Jumbo

Charity Across the World: 2. Aid to Developing Countries (2005-2006)

Not from the Human Truth Foundation, but still relevant (27):

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The Overpopulation of the Earth and the Demographics Crises: The Impact on Pensions and Immigration, in the following sections:

The USA Versus the Environment: Oil, Pollution and Kyoto, in the following sections:

Secularisation Theory: Will Modern Society Reject Religion? What is Secularism?, in the following sections:

Approaching Death: Some Instincts of the Human Animal, in the following sections:


Why People Hate America: A Summary of Anti-Americanism: 2. Why Do People Hate America?
Controversial: A summary of the reasons for hatred of America

Dictionary List of Different Types of Religion

Mudskippers: Walking Fish

The Responsibility to Defend the Developed World: 4. Proclamation of the Secular Developed World

A List of All Religions and Belief Systems

Religion and Intelligence

The Assumptions about God and Creation, of Both Theists and Atheists: 2.10. God Cares What We Believe


Criticisms of Buddhism: Its History, Doctrine and Common Practices: 6.1. Buddhism's Part in War and Strife

Islam: A Critical Look at Contemporary Issues

What are 'Left Hand Path' Religions?: 2. The Shunning of the Left Hand in World Cultures

Swasticross - The Cross and The Swastika: 1.2. The Swastika in Ancient History: A Symbol of Good

Shamanism: 1. An Ancient Practice

Where do Easter Eggs Come From? What do Easter Eggs Mean?

The End of the World is Nigh! The Dangers of Apocalyptism and End-Times Beliefs: 7.1. Concerned Christians, Pilgrim House Community, House of Prayer and Solomon's Temple (all in Israel)

God's Methods of Communication: Universal Truth Versus Hebrew and Arabic: 8.1. The Qur'an Says God Sends Messengers Who Speak the Local Language (But 68:52 Contradicts Those Verses)

Accepting Assisted Suicide: A Focus on UK Law: 1. Country By Country Suicide Rates

The Mystical Number 7: 1. The Number 7 in Religion, Mythology and Freemasonry

Why Did Some People in the Bible Live So Long?: 4. Sociological Data on Life Expectancy Versus Religion

Contradictions in the Qur'an: 1. Is the Qur'an Just for Arabs?

Noah, the Ark and the Flood, from the Bible Book of Genesis: 5.2. There is Lots of Evidence Against a Global Flood

Universalism: If there is a Good God, Everyone Must Go to Heaven: 6.1. Most People Never Hear of the True Religion
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