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Benefits of EU Membership
The Efficiency and Savings of Joint Endeavours

By Vexen Crabtree 2017

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Many of the benefits of EU membership are very difficult to calculate. Indirect savings come from multinational benefits of scale, wherein single bodies perform jobs and functions that would otherwise take up multiple teams of workers in each individual country. Multinational politics is expensive, and the EU provides a permanent and streamlined process, meaning that each individual member-state needs far fewer teams of politicians, lawyers and advisors - people who are infamously expensive to employ. A key area is the sharing of security data and tracking immigrants. The EU Schengen Information System, VISA Information System and centralized fingerprint databases (Eurodac) are gold-mines of information and biometrics for criminal investigations - and are highly valued. They feed into EuroPol, allowing rapid, efficient and cheap recovery of criminals and assets from across integrated Europe1. The benefits are well-known; in 2010 the UK fought all the way to the European courts to get routine access but were denied on account of not being a member of the Schengen area2.