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By Vexen Crabtree 1999

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See: Guidance: Ownership of Copyright Works.

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4. Disclaimer

Any information provided by the Human Truth Foundation (as with any other source) should be checked before being accepted as correct. We do not claim that there are no mistakes across the HTF website, nor that our opinions are unbiased. There is bias in all Human creative output. You alone bear the responsibility for your actions, and you alone must take into account the legal and moral factors that are pertinent to your situation. The HTF is not to blame for any action you take, even if it is a result of information gained from this website. Your actions remain your own, and the HTF should be only one source of information amongst many.

All information provided is given with the intent of improving critical thinking, analytical skills, evidence-based argumentation, rational debating skills, for the purposes of improving lives.

Do not re-use HTF images or multimedia files by embedding them directly into your own content. We pay web hosting costs in order to provide information to HTF web visitors, not to maintain content on anyone else's website. We will intentionally rename files that we notice are being used in this way, and may pursue legal action.

5. Criticism and Public Engagement

If, on the HTF website and blogs of those authors publicly affiliated with us, you see erroneous material, poor argumentation, disagreeable content or other debatable communications, please engage with us on our blogs and via the comments sections on HTF pages, or, via email.

6. Abusive Feedback and Abusive Public Comments

If your comments are purely destructive, abusive, trollish, or even simple impolite, we have the right to delete them. We have a legal duty to keep material clean and legal if we are acting as a controlled gateway for that material. If you wish to keep a copy, make sure you save a copy at the time of posting. Once deleted we have no obligation (nor the inclination) to attempt to restore the content.