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About the Human Truth Foundation

By Vexen Crabtree 2017


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The Human Truth Foundation's Mission

To inspire thought, challenge assumptions and unfounded beliefs and to support evidence-based argumentation. Humankind can make, and should make, constant intellectual and social progress. There is too much prejudice in our hearts and too much needless inequality in our societies. If it is counter to Human Rights or to science and the scientific method, then, it is wrong. Too many strong opinions go unchallenged, too many poor arguments go unexamined, and too many loud voices proclaim nonsense without equivalent voices calling for good sense and tolerance. The HTF's mission is to add to the voices of reason, rationality, and moral progress.

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Get Involved

Many of our pages veer into conclusions that can be questioned. Some of our texts use arguments that can be improved upon. Some rely on facts that can be contradicted. We encourage anyone to get involved, and contribute to the discussions with your own well-argued pieces.


There are many in the world who fight the good fight. Here are some of them:

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Reason, science, freedom
of thought, secularism