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Liberal Values

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Liberal values can be divided into the social, political and economic. Some people may be socially liberal but not an economic liberal; others may be overall liberal, but not when it comes to political structures. (1) Liberal social values are those of fairness and equality1,2,3 without prejudice based on superficial features, the virtues of personal freedom and individuality2,3,4,5,6 (with restrictions against harming others7,2), generosity8, The acceptance of Human Rights2,3,9,10, open-mindedness8,11, rationality12 and reason13, secularism (giving no religious group special preference)10,14 and the worth of a social security net with guaranteed access to health services and education9. (2) Liberal political values include a government limited by constitutional boundaries15,16,17, that represents all of its people15 without giving preference to a particular religious, economic, racial or social group, that justice requires that all people are subject to the same rule of law18,19, and that governmental power isn't centralized into individual hands without checks and balances (the separation of powers)16. (3) Liberal economic values are those of free trade9,20, tempered by protections against irresponsibility and abuse.

1. The Social Values of Liberalism

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2. The Political Values of Liberalism

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Liberalism does not automatically require a democratic structure around it17, however, no other system of governance has engendered and supported consistent liberalism10. The very meaning of "democracy" has now come to imply a range of liberal values10.

3. The Economic Values of Liberalism

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#democracy #economics #equality #freedom #human_rights #justice #liberalism #morality #politics #UK

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