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Does Homeopathy Work? What are the Risks and Dangers?, in the following sections:

The Christian Dark Ages of Europe: 1.2. The Dark Ages of Medicine

Immunizations: International Statistics on Vaccines and the Autism Scare: 1. The Success of Vaccinations Versus Neophobia and Fear

The Placebo Effect and the Positive Power of the Mind on Health

Pseudoscience and Health: The World of Alternatives (to Truth): 3.1. The Placebo Effect and the Positive Effects of Delusion

General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change: 3.8. Vaccines and Inoculations

Psychosomosis - the Placebo and Nocebo Effects: Curing and Causing Disease with the Mind: 2. The Placebo Effect and the Positive Effects of Mental Attitudes

Critical Thinking on Acupuncture: How Does it Work?: 4. The Placebo Effect
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