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Incest in the Bible: Adam and Eve and Their Children, and Noah and His Family, in the following sections:

Genetic Engineering: What We've Already Done, and We Could Do, in the following sections:

  • 4.4. Religion: God's Will and Genetics
  • 3.1. Horrible Genetic Diseases
  • Top of page / intro

Evolution and the Unintelligent Design of Life: Inherited Traits, Genetic Dysfunction and Artificial Life, in the following sections:

Life Expectancy and Longevity: 4. Genetics

Countries With the Healthiest Cultures and Health Policies: 0.7. Overweight Adults

The Advantages of Keeping Physically Fit - Good For You, Good For Your Country: 1. The Modern Obesity Epidemic

What the Worst and Most Horrible Genetic Diseases?

The United Kingdom Suffers as a Result of Poor National Health: 2.7. Overweight Adults

Noah, the Ark and the Flood, from the Bible Book of Genesis: 7.1. Incest After the Flood

Lot and the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: In Genesis 18 and 19: 3.2. Incest is Condemned in the Bible (Well, most the time)

General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change: 4.2. A General Fear of Genetics (Hollywood Hasn't Been Kind)

The Modern Obesity Epidemic

The Food Chain: 3.3. God's Will Versus Genetics

Christian Mythology: Adam and Eve, and the Serpent, in the Garden of Eden: 4. Incest