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Popularism: When Mass Instincts Defeat National Strategy

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The Dangers of Nationalism, in the following sections:

The Internal Challenges Facing Democracy, in the following sections:

The Tyranny of the Majority: How Democracy Can Be Bad, in the following sections:

Voter Stupidity and the Ignorance of the Masses (A Democratic Challenge), in the following sections:

Mass Belief and the False Consensus Effect: Everyone Believes It So It Must Be True!, in the following sections:

Human Rights and Freedom in USA: 6. President Trump's Dismantling of Human Rights Mechanisms and Opposition to Equality and Tolerance

Human Rights and Freedom in Myanmar (Burma): 5.1. Violent Popularism

The Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th Centuries: 3.4. An Incomplete Project

The Unpopularity of the EU

The EU is Always in Deep Crisis: Decades of Warnings: 2. The Unpopularity of the EU

Democratic Disillusionment and Voter Apathy: 1. The Unpopularity of the EU

Pseudoscience and Health: The World of Alternatives (to Truth): 3.5. The Enthusiasm of Amateurs: Freethought Without Skeptical Thinking Leads to Deception

World Government: Not for 200 Years: 5. Human Organisational Progress: Tribes, to Nations, to International Law and the International Criminal Court

The European Union: Democratic Values, The Euro, Crises and Migration: 5.2. Popular Disillusionment with the EU

Alienation and Dangerous Sexual Deviation: Society's Reaction to Child Abuse Often Makes Things Worse: 5. Populism and Sensationalism Needs to be Replaced with Rational Policy and Civility