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To Turn a Hypothesis Into a Theory, It Must Be Tested, in the following sections:

What is Science and the Scientific Method?, in the following sections:

Scientific Theories Must Make Way for New Evidence, in the following sections:

Mass Belief and the False Consensus Effect: Everyone Believes It So It Must Be True!, in the following sections:

Short Term Politics: Democracy Can Discourage Proper Planning: 2. Poor Quality Voting Patterns

The Scientific Method: Randomized Double-Blinded Trials: 1. What is Science and the Scientific Method?

The Crabtree Scale of Sources: Who Can We Trust?: 0. (8/10) Peer-Reviewed Publications

The Internal Challenges Facing Democracy: 2.4. Lack of Time and Mass Stupidity

Voter Stupidity and the Ignorance of the Masses (A Democratic Challenge)

To Act Morally or With Free Will, You First Need Knowledge: 4. The Effect on Politics of Choices Without Knowledge

Pseudoscience and Health: The World of Alternatives (to Truth): 3.5. The Enthusiasm of Amateurs: Freethought Without Skeptical Thinking Leads to Deception

Metaphysical Solipsism is Not True

Subjectivism and Phenomenology: Is Objective Truth Obtainable?: 6. Solipsism: Extreme Philosophical Epistemology

UK Trash Culture: 5. The Effect on Politics

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