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Free-Market Capitalism and Democracy, in the following sections:

The Internal Challenges Facing Democracy, in the following sections:

Corruption - The Abuse of Power by Politicians: 4. Other Challenges That Democracies Face

Crime Fighting Within the EU: Why Should the UK Stay in Europe?: 3. Fighting Corporate Crime

The European Union and the Promotion of Democracy: 3. Strengthened National Democracy Against Multinationals

Advantages of European Union (EU) Membership: Consumer Power

Benefits of the UK Remaining in the EU: 2. Restored Power in an Internationalized World (3 reasons)

World Government: Not for 200 Years: 2. Globalisation Versus Democracy: Commerce and Crime

Multinational Corporations Versus Democracy: The Fight Between Commercialism and Nation States

Democracy: Its Foundations and Modern Challenges: 2. The Challenges Facing Democracy